Sail Chat: 25.03.2018

In contrast to ‘The Beast’ last week Sunday 25th March offered a light northerly with a bit of east in it. The slightly more spring like weather also produced a better turn out. Simon and Nigel set a short course up and down the river to counteract the quite strong stream. The I mark off the Church Lawn proved to be a challenge and a bit of a lottery, if you got a puff whilst tacking round it, off you went, if not a drift back!

Three takers in the morning, David in his Solo, Stuart with Claude and Brian with Jane in Enterprises. There was close racing for the first half of the race but then the Solo got it right and a puff at the aforementioned I and proceeded to win with a long lead.

In the afternoon George and Chris represented the GP fleet and now have a 100% record for this first series. Hywell sailed in the Merlin fleet with a very conversational Flynn against Stuart and Ben. Hywell had a bit of bump with a tree which increased the conversation level a bit but in his inimitable way escaped but lost ground.

Good show from the Enterprises (house points all round) Ian with John Bell, Brian with Michaela, Duncan and Annie, Sophie with Jane and Richard out bimbling with Luke and James, again considerable communication occurring in this boat.

Hon. Sailing Secretary basking in the morning triumph did it again in his Solo.

Good times as ever from Mary and Karen!

After a traditional Hampton tea by Claude and Ellen, Nigel made some announcements, George and Chris produced some fizz and we sang happy birthday twice for Chris and Peter Heath.

Other significants: George with the help (sometimes) of Chris stuck the letters on our sign board, it was re-erected and very fine it looks. We also had a visit from a well mannered Spanish chap Jose and his son Mateo. They are coming next week as a family so we must be very nice to them as they may join.

See you next week when I hope to be back on the water.


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