Sail Chat: 24.11.2019

After a cancelled racing day on the 17th, due to excess of water and no wind, a miserable wet week heralded a dull almost windless Sunday 24th with a considerable stream. But an innovative and up-beat Perkins clan along with a few sturdy sailors saved the day. Hywel and Gareth towed five boats up to Cooper Castle and there they were released to the vagaries of the current.
The adventurous sailors were Ellen and Nigel, Christopher and Alexandra, Sophie with Jane in Enterprises and Keith with David Sammonds and Tom with Austyn and Seren in GP’s. Steering was tricky but all arrived off the club pretty much together in a heap when to confound all there was a brief flurry of wind. See WhatsApp for a lovely photo of a future Commodore(ess) towing boats.
Plenty turned up to enjoy the sausages etc prepared by JB and Michaela.  JB sporting a tee shirt emblazoned ‘Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls’. No doubt we all appreciate the first but the latter two hold many dangers. On reflection perhaps the first one can too! Whilst on sin I should mention the cracking new nutty/fruity beer – excellent. 

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