Sail Chat: 24.10.2021

Where’s it been ? Well I thought you might be bored with it and there is a lot of chat on whats-that! But by popular demand, (Mary actually, my one vocal fan) it is back.
Sunday 24th October proffered a sprightly southerly which gave for some interesting sailing. Keith was in charge with James so one could expect traditional HSC methods with all the duties that should be performed being done to a ‘T’. Some more dilatory, please take note. Time was by Susan and our well known motor scribbler and excellent catering by the lone Amelia, loved the cake Amelia.
In the morning a welcome return of the Hon Sailing Secretary, dressed in a new fashionable skin, in his Solo, me with Paul and Jane with Michaela in Ents. The wind favoured the Surrey bank mostly and there was quite some stream. Paul and I led for most of the race but on the penultimate lap two dodgy tacks saw the girls whizz by at D mark to win.
In the afternoon the wind had shifted clock-wise requiring a few more tacks for the up wind mark but even then, pointing up hard, one could lay the mark in one tack sometimes.  Old crafty had now put a cross river dog leg in and the i mark was to be the graveyard of the race. Series decider in the GP’s was fought out between John with Paul, Derek with Mary and George with Chris. Unfortunately at the said graveyard Derek collected foliage and ended up on a lee shore. 
One Merlin out with Hywell and Nigel crewing. In the handicap class the sartorial sailing secretary Soloed solo. Better showing with the Ents with Jane/Sophie, Ian/Ben, Stuart/Nicola and me with Ra. Stuart was in his newly done up Prime Pitch and it was good to see it restored. A spirited race ensued with the graveyard being the arbiter of the result as a few Merlin tactics were attempted! 
Deep blue water sailor Sophie returned to regale all with her adventures and tease David about his much improved attire. We will miss you again Sophie. Magnificent tea, The bar was run by Alan in his customary laid back style and we all enjoyed the apres sail. Good news that Annie is now much recovered and may be back soon to join us.
Sorry if anyone missed but a bit rusty. Phill

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