Sail Chat: 23.04.2017

Sunday 23rd April brought a patchy light wind affair, first from the south, then backing and fluking about!

Welcome visit from Peter Harley, who has not been well, and thanks to Debbie and Tim for meticulous time keeping.

Officials in charge of racing Roger and Stuart W, who set a nice smallish, triangle course, in what wind there was, with an E up and I H down. In the morning Jane with the Master crewing, Chris with a welcome showing of the comedic Tim, the HSSOTP back in his Solo and me with Ra. I think that was all but it was three days ago!

In the afternoon, as is the new HSC habit a sudden plethora of boats, including a return of a red Cadenza Two. First out, in Merlins (well sort of), were the brothers Heath, Rob, and a rare sighting in a dinghy, John! Also honoured by their wives, Jo and Dorothy, crewing.

In Enterprises were Chris with Tim, Ben with very experienced crew, fresh from French polls, Sophie with Jane crewing, Brian and Michaela, Duncan and Annie out and Alexandra helming her first race with me crewing; well done Ra! Nice gentle wind now from the south west but a few very light bits up river making it tricky. Six out fleet well done!!

Only three GP’s as it is the annual county-set, wine fest for some of them. George was with Chris, John with Ben (polymath crew) and Trevor and Sue, who is proving to be a gritty sailor at this trying time.

Good battle in the Solo class as David and Nigel fought it out.

Licky tea from Gina and Ellen and visitations of a number of small but eventual members. Very small Elvin of the Island made his first visit and seemed most amenable.

See you next Sunday.


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