Sail Chat: 22.08.2021 (Long Distance and BBQ)

Cloudy with scant patches of blue and a shifty north westerly of about 8mph in some places. Few morning takers Simon/Claude Merlin, Paul, Llew and Mum GP, Me and Chris (Ent), Tim and James in Comets and briefly Peter OTI and Elvin in a GP. The vast experience of JB and dutiful daughter Livy were in charge and Jane was good enough to cover my favourite duty in the Box. As usual with this wind direction – frustrating up river, lot better down. The Merlin gradually extended its lead to unassailability only to surrender it in the last lap to a broken universal on the tiller extension. Be warned, all sailors, this brilliant, inexpensive bit of rubber can wreck your race. One crack in it -dispose!
With the lure of a steak barbie they came in their masses in the afternoon to the apprehension of one timekeeper!  17 boats took to the water for the long distance race. JB sensibly shortened the upriver mark and put in a low J downriver where the best wind was. In a plethora of starts, flags up and down, horns, bells, shouts and whistles they all got off to a clean start except Hywell and Lucy(snazzy wet suit Lucy)  who were sneakily pushed over the line, never seen so many circles? The wind had freshened, especially down by J mark and there was even one capsize but that was Ben so it doesn’t count, see witness account and picture on whats-up from absentee Race Officer. 
I will not list all the names of the sailors, save to mention fleets. Five GP’s, four, Merlins, three Enterprises, two Comets, two Lasers and one Solo, who at some stage completely disappeared to the anxiety of the Time Keepers. But the Hon Sailing Secretary always turns up.
Bit tricky doing all the sums with Debs but with the assistance of Jane, two large glasses of white wine and a pint of nuts order and my mental health was restored.
Super BBQ by Nigel and many helpers, kitchen staff awesome, bar staff mega and the tea lady so welcome. Should mention Golden Oldie Corner ( Club Seniors) who were waited on. Along with the ever growing Dutch coterie, reigned over by Queen Tineka. The blogger and no doubt all at HSC wishes Sophie Peerless a safe and joyful passage on her sail to St Tropez.
Do not usually mention results but will this time 1.Simon/Claude,2. Hywell/Lucy 3. Chris/Ra.
See you next week

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