Sail Chat: 21.11.2021

What started as a cheerful bright day clouded over soon and the north wind, with a bit of east, made for a chilly day. Wetsuits and clobber were the order except for the true hardies.
Hywell the elder was in charge assisted by Gareth and an interesting box like course was laid to allow for two short beats, H to H and E to E, the latter with a hook rounding which proved interesting a couple of times. It suited the conditions and proved to be a fun sail. The best wind was just past the shadow of the club and gusts sometimes whistled down over Bell Hill and required a rapid release of the main sheet and or a big hike out.
Hywell confounded tradition horror! And had three classes starting together at 1145. This proved difficult for the more died in the wool types (Keith) but we in the Enterprises were allowed our regular start time of 1200. In the GP’s were Keith with Susan and visitor to the fleet the Commodore and his crew, who usually stands up on a waterborne craft, both in a club boat. The lone Merlin was by John and Deirdre. In the Handicap fleet was the indomitable winner Laser Man Go, Brian and Michaela in the Comet and David in his Solo.
Good to have three Enterprises out Ellen and Claude, Chris with Ra and me with Paul, who was dressed in Enterprise livery, red trousers, blue top and obviously does not suffer central heating on his tug boat. We had a six lap race in just an hour with close racing and lead changing until Chris experienced that gust of Bell Hill and had a dip. Ra was the the river bound crew and no doubt it was chilly. Whilst they gallantly carried on it was left to Ellen and me to contest to the finish.  
All male team generally in the galley, Alex and Gareth, assisted on occasion by young Sarah and Granny! Good job- not bad for blokes! Bar and cash (sorry card) taker Ian. In the box the combined brains of ex teachers and quiz supremo’s- Jane and Sonja.
We then repaired to either scoff or in some cases attend the riveting Enterprise AGM, where even Lewes Hamilton made a brief appearance.
The Blog wishes Hywell the younger a rapid recovery.
See you next week, no doubt with a headache. Phill

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