Sail Chat 18.11.2018

Stiff breeze from the east on Sunday 18th November with sun and thrilling conditions. Long windward to J mark and exciting leeward runs to D or E marks up river. In the Merlins were Rob with Claude and an unfortunate early capsize, John with Richard Cass, Andrew with Ellie and Nigel with Ellen. The GPs had John with Ali, Derek with Mary and George with Sue. Bim Bom was out with Ben and in the Enterprises were Christopher and Brian (off to a storming start) Jane with Sophie, Ian and Andrew and me with Ra. We had an incident packed race with Jane losing her main sheet but recovering to finish, Ian falling out of his boat but finishing, the fleet captain, not looking behind for the gusts, capsized on the run was recovered by his athletic crew but did not finish – shivering. Chris/Brian stormed home to win.

Wonderful conditions and after a couple of tots judged to be a fantastic sail. Very good safety cover by Hon Sailing Secretary (great to see you back David) and Stevie G. Excellent old school race management by Keith – lovely clean pontoons and fence down! Lunch by Deidre and Anna. Good to see the Rear too!

Many thanks to those who put my boat away. Next week the Dinner and Dance and all in their finery. I might need a crew on Sunday because lay-ins are requested but there again a 1200 start is always good to blow away the fuzz of excess?

See you on the dance floor it’s a four!

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