Sail Chat: 18.10.2020

High pressure day, clear but with a very light wind which came from a sort of south west direction because one could tack up river-just! Along with some stream this made for a very slow race. Richard Page and Peter OTI, the race team, set a mark up river just above the barges and one off the Ferry down river. Some found more breeze but more stream on the Surrey side others tried less breeze and less stream on the Middlesex side. The Merlins, who managed two laps, mostly favoured the Surrey side while the others went for crawling up the Middlesex side.
The Merlin class had Stuart with Nicky, Simon and Claude, Hywell with mini crew, grandson Evan, who matched size with obedience and John with Deirdre, who had a slightly late start from which they did not recover. In the Enterprises were birthday girl Ellen and Honey who chortled their way round and me with Jane. The Handicap had David and Nigel in Solo’s and the latter decided soon it was not for him. John and Ali came out briefly in the lone GP and followed Nigels example. We did three quarters of a lap and a merciful Race Officer finished us on the way down. Even so our race lasted nearly an hour. But there we were in the fresh (ish) air, bubbling, separating and in distanced company – good for the mental health.
Time again was by Derek and we hope Mary’s back is back soon. The highlight had to be the Commodore (ess) pushing the boat out from the Pop UP and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. Next week it is Merlin weekend may they have a good blow.

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