Sail Chat: 18.03.2018

Sunday 18th March was our first day for sailing at HSC. However, along with it we had the mini beast from the east to deal with, it didn’t seem very mini to me!

With a resolute and hard working team of Stuart, Howard and David the club was well prepared, boats made ready and walk-ways swept.

The river was whipped up with a strong ENE wind blowing against the stream and it looked swollen, brown and most uninviting. The wind indicator was showing gusts of over 30 and the few huddled in the club showed no sailing intentions.

Race Officer Stuart duly abandoned the morning race with the correct flags and sound signal from a lone Mary in the box. Early lunch was taken with a bit of rum knocking about.

However, the afternoon brought emboldened GP sailor and Treasurer to the fore. Then with the arrival of Hywell with the slight figure of crew Lucy with a Merlin, some faint hearts knew the game was up.

Therefore, out went George with Phill and Hywell with Lucy. Whilst the wind blew strong it had moderated slightly and the sailing was demanding, bitingly cold but fun and only the hands suffered. The Merlin looked a bit unstable at times but this was due to rigging not piloting or crewing, I was told. Lucy shook a bit on return, that was not fear but cold.

Then it was back to a delicious tea by Sonya, announcements by Ellen, with an appropriate silence to remember Alan McArthur.

We few celebrated our first meeting with more rum and other beverages and then the snow came in again!

See you next week when hopefully it will be more Spring like. Photo’s of sailing to follow.


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