Sail Chat: 17.12.2017

Dull windless morning for the day of wild singing! But the wily race officer postponed until the wind came in along with some chilly rain. We all went off together into an, at times, 5 mile an hour south westerly. Due to the previous considerable rain there was quite a stream flowing proving a bit of a challenge at the windward mark and some had to perform turns.

Hardy Merlin’s out were Philip and Dr Bell, Hywell with Lucy and Rob and Jo. They sailed up and down and the rest did a ham bone course. The Enterprise fleet consisted of Ian with a sceptical Aviator, whose enthusiasm increased the closer they got to the front, Ellen and a dutiful Nigel, Alexandra and me and Sophie with Jane. Whilst it was cold and wet the sailing was interesting and due to the steam tactical.

In the GP fleet were John with a hastily pressed Ben, Keith with Stevie G and Malky with David. A lone Laser 2 made up the handicap fleet with twins Jason and Anthony participating in their first race and winning it.

We all then put our boats away in freezing rain and made for the sausages and mulled wine. This excellent fare was provided by two reindeer and an elf. Then the singing commenced with Roger acting as a sort of Steve Wright and Dr Hillary producing the dulcet harmonies. I was two thirds right in my prediction last week; two wise women (Maddie and Ellen) and one wise man (Mack) doing the three Kings spot, it made a change from the previous Commodore’s rapping! Solo participants were extremely coy, notably Kevin and James but there was much jingle by small people. Recalcitrant singers could not escape due to foul weather outside and filial pressure.

Maddie then made a speech standing on a chair in which she regretted the non attendance of the Commodore, held up in Oman, birthdays were announced and sung to and Ben Peerless was presented with multi gadget knife from the club for being a Sea Cadet of the year.

Sadly only Boxing Day to go now, please bring something tasty.


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