Sail Chat: 17.04.2022

Sunny day with a balmy breeze from the south with, sometimes a shade of east or west in it. This of course meant a bit of a reachy thing. A jolly duty team welcomed us of Brian and Ian who set a D up to I down course for takers. But at first seemed there non! So the training boats came into their own. Sophie, fresh back from the deep blue and lots of bailing and Dad teamed up. Phill went with Jane. Sophie chose the centre main for practice and Phill the rear (recently fitted to suit the B man) to soften the pain of being in a crouchy coffin shape. What transpired was an extremely close race with a degree of luffing and proving that both boats are very similar in performance. In the latter part of the race the wind freshened considerably, just off the graveyard, which caused Sophie, who was leading, to broach but recover and the other boat to all but capsize as the helm attempted to counter the crew who had slipped down to leeward, wet feet all round. Sophie also found that the tiller escaped a few times and Dad was a good tactician! A most enjoyable match race which proved to my great satisfaction that the boats do not leak but sitting well forward is the answer.
A pleasant lunch ensued and more arrived to sail and watch. In the afternoon only one Ent out Chris with Bronte (welcome Bronte) in Jane’s boat. In the GP’s a goodly turn out with John and Ali, Derek and Mary, George and Chris, Keith and Susan along with Phill for yet another dose of double skin GP knee weevil, with visitor Matt, who performed admirably. Quite a long race but wonderful conditions and that’s what we go for!
Great to see the beautiful Wayfarer out and performing well with Emily in charge and Rob with Harry crewing. Their opposition was Paul in the renowned Fence Post, which counter to many soothsayers, stayed upright.
Two regular Merlins Rob with Claude and Stuart and Nicola, who again had a very close race.
Cracking traditional tea by Sophie and Jane with the Easter Bunny, chicks and eggs in abundance. The egg hunt really only had one sufficiently young visitor (Olivia) to partake which she did with enthusiasm but to her credit she only counted them but didn’t seem to eat them. The highest one was claimed but not by a youth but a very tall sailor. I expect Ava indulged but quietly, perhaps more efficiently. 
The Commodore came and bought all a drink, rang the bell but said nothing which I thought refreshing. (I erred, the Commodore did make an announcement on the upcoming Round the Island Race followed by the Darts Night on Saturday 30th April 1700 for the race, darts to follow. I was up on the roof, apologies. This race is very important especially for the single handers for which the winner gets a handsome pot. I will personally buy a drink for anyone who gets a double top!) She also assisted Susie with the timekeeping, one of my HSC fears too Susie.
Now a big tribute to Paul, Matt (his friend) and Rob who performed many club chores – straightening a burgee on the roof, moving trailers and boats on the land and generally being helpful. Thank you!
Also a P.S. The Training Boats both now have well running rear mains. It is easier to sit forward and unless an expert they are easier to operate. However if you want to borrow one, are an RYA pedant the centre main can easily be refitted by untying a few knots and feeding the mainsheet back through its numerous apertures OR ask me?
As ever see you next week. 

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