Sail Chat: 16.07.2017

Warm, steady and gentle breeze from the west south west on Sunday. Much experience and some quirkiness from the duty team, balanced by the level headed time-keepers. Thoughtful courses set to take account of the Molesey Junior Rowing Regatta with a close ‘F’ mark up river and a deep ‘I’ making the most of the wind.

In the mix were Peter and Claude in Comets, Hon Sailing Sec in his Solo, Brian in Fence Post, Jane with Annie and Alexandra helming me. There was a tight battle at the front but the Master had it by 8 seconds.

More out pm with a deeper course to ‘J’ with a clever loop back to ‘G’, thought out by the less eccentric race officer. Commodore and Toby and Rob with Jo in Merlins, in the Enterprise fleet Ian with Susie, Stuart and Shivini, in her silver slippers, Sophie and Jane and Alexandra and me. No domestics in ‘Esperer’ – they did a horizon job. Good progress by learner helm Ra. Extra long race provided by Keith and a nice boat jam to follow.

Del and Mary (an excellent lightweight crew) and Kevin with Amelia in GP’s. The Handicap fleet really came alive with Roger and Brian Lasering, Peter and Claude in Comets, David in his Solo and a very smart sea cadet in the Oppie.

Good to see Deidre back and a nice tea provided. Then a lively debate followed as wine and beer were consumed with much jollity.

See you next week, hopefully sans essouflement.


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