Sail Chat: 16.04.2017

The brisk north westerly promised for Sunday 16th April did not fulfill. Instead it was a rather patchy thing but from that direction, with the Surrey bank favoured most of the time. Only a few happy Easter sailors; Simon/Claude, Merlin, Chris, with a welcome return of the Matriarch, Brian/Jane and me/Ra in Enterprises. No sign of the SSOTP- he would have liked the pm bit.
Race Officer John set a sensible up and down course which was won convincingly by the Merlin.

The afternoon brought a backing wind with considerably more strength which made for energetic but very satisfying sailing. It threatened to rain but we had just a few drops.

At least 100% improvement to the premier class as the Rear and RCP were out with Andrew and Ellie (good to see you Ellie). Good show from the Geeps with George/Chris, Derek/Mary (doing all kinds of jobs), Trevor and Sue and Keith with long suffering Stevie G in the rainbow warrior!

Us Ents had a strong fleet and a nice long course to J mark with good wind all the way. Jane swapped with Brian, Chris still with Michaela, Stuart and Larysa, Leakey Tirpitz with Aviator and patient Amelia and me with Ra. Perfect race timing with just about an hour sailed. No Handicappers out.

Super seasonal tea with Ali and Chrissie officiating, Easter Eggs everywhere but no hunt as (sadly) no children present. Always nice to see John and Chrissie, they always show for duties and working parties; much appreciated.

The Treasurer was very generous with his choc bunnies.

Next function Plane Talking; be ready with some challenging questions?


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