Sail Chat: 15.08.2021

Dull day with moments of blue but warmish. Frisky SSW wind giving long beats on port and nearly going backwards on starboard. Sensible, windward leeward, up and down course set by George DO and Ben ADO. In the box Jane with Tim H.S.
Simon and Claude in the Merlin, Ra  helmed Chris and I helmed with top Merlin crew Nicola. No incidents but the wind veered, quite quickly during the race to give a proper beat. Simon lapped both of us.
In the afternoon the wind got up considerably above the forecast and created exciting racing. In the Merlins there was John Bell with Deirdre and Simon with Claude. Their lead changed a number of times in their 9 laps.
The GP’s out had Derek and Mary, John and Ali and Paul with Sue. In the Handicap fleet was the Mirror with Philip with sons Charlie and Sammy (just right for Mirrors) and Nigel ploughing a lonely Solo.
In the Enterprises we had Christopher with his sister Ra, Ian with Sophie, Ellen with Nicola and (very briefly me with visitor and novice, John). Given the wind strength and only a canoe wise crew this was a very foolish undertaking. The best that could be said is that the head of physics had a short and wet, practical experiment, of forces and balance. Thanks to George and others for a rapid rescue All finished 55,56 and 59 minutes.
Delicious tea by Chris and Debbie and Bar was by a youthful but legal Ben. Nigel led us into a discordant happy birthday to the Aviator ( is he really that age – he looks so young and lean!) and Michaela, both absent but hopefully someone will tell?
Next week is the normal morning race followed by at 1430 the Long Distance Race and then a BBQ, just tell and pay Ali if you have not already.

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