Sail Chat: 15.07.2018

With the very hot weather continuing we had some interesting incidents some slightly bizarre and some slightly irritating. A full immersion baptism was carried out by the local sin Bosun on two or three young celebrants and one baby (fortunately not ducked) on the Thames in front of Benns Alley. It was watched by about 30/ 40 congregating, with some crew and timekeepers, on the shore and chain ferry. The Rev. and his safety officer seemed unconcerned by the quality of that part of our beloved waterway.

Then on a voyage to collect a trolly at the Hurst Park slip Benn 1 ran out of juice, fortunately in sight and hail of the club, expletives had no effect on its power!

So to the sweaty sailing in a very light revolving breeze of the morning, north, east, south and west made appearances. In the mix were Simon/Claude Merlin, Jane with Graham and Lucy, Ra with me Enterprises and Trevor with eager young crew in his GP. Nice tidy course in the wind available by Keefy and Stevie G.

In the afternoon in the Merlins were Rob and Jo and Richard with Dad Bob, surely the oldest and gamest of crews.

Just one GP out Trevor with Sue. On the subject of GP’s, it really is a good idea to check a rudder is up or off if you pull it up a slip – especially if it is borrowed!

In the Handicap fleet were Toppers crewed by many, ‘supervised’ by Ben. The object appeared to be – how many on and what tricks could be pulled before falling off. Not sure who won this, probably the oldest – Richard?

The Enterprise fleet had the Rear Commodore, crewed by Brian in Dame Blanche, Sophie with Jane, Ian with a non argumentative crew and me with Ra. Same sort of wind really and quite a beach scene by the rope tree.

Impeccable time keeping by Karen (just like her web site for us) and Nicky. Ritz standard tea only ours is home made, by Selina and Suzy.

Congratulations to our very own Philip Dalby for crewing in the winning Merlin at Salcombe.

Michaela made a short speech thanking all the duty team and most importantly wishing Eva a Happy Birthday number 11. We all then sang it heartily.

See you next week? Phill

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