Sail Chat: 15.04.2018

Sunday 15th April 2018 brought sailing back to HSC. Helped by a southerly wind, less stream and careful mark placing by the team of John Hollands and John Dunman.

In the morning handicap there were only two boats David in his Solo and Phill with Ra in an Enterprise. At this stage the wind was light but enough to push up to ‘F’ mark on a mixed beat and reach and to then whizz back down to ‘H’, on a reach; both marks kept close to the Surrey bank. The Solo got a jump at the start and soon led by half a leg. The Enterprise then hit ‘F’ mark and carried it further out into the stream before escaping and circling. But 10 laps was bound to bring other mistakes and the Solo duly obliged repeating the same error. Oh, woe and sympathy was conveyed from the Ent?

In the afternoon others smelt the wind and out came Trevor with Sue in his GP, the lone taker, a worthy winner.

Thence three Merlins; Hywell with Lucy, Stuart with Claude and Charlie with Mum, Maddie. By now the wind had freshened and at times went up to 15 mph but stayed much in the same direction with the occasional twitch to the south west.

Last out came the Enterprises Ian and Ben, Colin with Amelia, Jane and Sophie and Phill, honoured by the Sailing Secretary, not quite as lissome as his regular crew but a welcome sacrifice to be shouted at. Colin roared into the lead on the first run down but promptly broached and took himself and Jane the wrong side of the mark but Ian sped away and led for about seven of the fifteen laps. Then on the leeward mark he collected a strange change of wind which turned a starboard reach into, nearly, a port run which caused a push by the stream off the mark and the loss of two places. Thus the biblical quote came to pass – ‘The first shall be last and the last first’. With the wind now increased and gusting it became a close battle with all fleets competing for the bank and to squeeze around the marks. This caused one or two naughties but nothing that cannot be forgiven. Also the Ent. Fleet Captain was shouting too much but that may have been excitement at sailing again.

Excellent race management, nice Italian tea with Chrissie and Annie, good timing by Nicci and Marilyn and bar by John D with Malky.

See you next week when I am on duty so let’s have a good show, also ‘Round the Island Race and Supper’ on Saturday 28th April when the Social Secretary wants more takers.

Finally – lovely prog. George! Who can that dashing, greying and focused chap be on page 3?


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