Sail Chat: 14.07.2019

Sunday 14th July, Bastille Day in France and a world shattering moment for the emancipation of the common people. Here at HSC a fairly muted day with just a sprinkle of sailors. Nice gentle ENE breeze with cloud but tee shirt sailing. Usual high quality race management from Derek and David Sammonds. They set a down river windward mark and an up river leeward one, which would have suited spinnakers. In the morning David was in his Solo, Duncan and Annie in their Enterprise, Jane with Callum 10? Then Sawyer also 10? (Enterprise), Maureen and Sue GP and a slightly harassed James (new member) in a GP with Elise, Agnes and Bea with a fair bit of hand trailing and Andrew on a Topper bimbling and performing 360’s. It was a very close race with Jane leading until a requested crew change, then David, then Duncan/Annie and then David again after a bit of crafty at the leeward mark.
Time was by Mary and the ‘Pupil’, who showed Pooh like qualities at times but of course Mary got it right. At lunchtime, a familiar cackle was heard as Tony D’ arrived to challenge David as barman, together they managed to serve the masses.
In the afternoon the wind backed to NNE making the Surrey half of the river the best place to be. Class racing was reduced to one Enterprise me with Jane (Mary having generously or wisely excused ‘the Pupil’) In GP’s Keith with Maureen (storming away to a win-obviously the crew Keith!) Trevor with Sue who experienced the result of a missing bung and ended up with wet feet and a slow boat and also out James with Fiona in the training boat. One Merlin returnee out was Rob with Jo – good to see them out.
In the handicap class, Peter, complaining of dizziness, competed against the Hon Sailing Secretary. The only dizziness I noticed was his performance as he left all in his wake! This was indeed gratitude to the HSS who had dragooned him into sailing.
Meanwhile the three girls Elise, Agnes and Bea spent an hour and a half whizzing about in the Topper accompanied by sounds of joy.
Tea was by Alison and Sarah and Derek delivered the HSC clothes. No announcements. Congratulations from the blogger and all to our Rocketeers who have sailed in six gruelling races at Salcombe – and it’s the taking part that counts! I have not sailed for a month and I want to express my pleasure at getting back to it, albeit gingerly – thanks to Jane and Mary!
See you next week and remember if you sail a double hander there are usually new crews available in the morning.

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