Sail Chat: 14.11.2021

Mean looking day, perhaps reflecting the warlike carnage of some years ago. Dull, drizzly and a northerly with at times a titchy bit of east and by no measure 8 mph. After the two minutes silence, which I think is inadequate really, I think about my Father’s suffering for a lot more than that. After that we all cheered up a bit and made for the northerly crawl. Leading out were a good show from the Geeps. Derek and Mary, John with Sue, Keith with Susan and George with Chris. The i mark was particularly tricky for them but they all seemed to stay together (just like at wine time) and certainly finished in a bunch, although Keith assured me there was some lap discrepancy.
Two Merlins John (two extensions) Bell and Deirdre and Hywell with the mini but cheerful Evan along with Mr Fluffy, a Pooh like creature, probably as close to bearing away that this helm gets. 
Three in the Handicap, David and Nigel in Solo’s and Brian in his Comet. The HSS seemed rather lit up after the race so I drew my own conclusions.
Great turn out Enterprises – well done! Chris with Ra, Ellen with Claude, Jane and Michaela and me with Paul (great job Paul).
The conditions were testing and the race team did the best they could. They were Hywell the younger and a considerably larger and less athletic version of Charles by way of his Father. The latter providing the usual bonhomie. 
The gravelly voiced Barman doubled up as cashier and the catering by John and Chrissy measured up nicely with the previous week’s standard. Dulcet tones (the mike worked) from the Box by Ali and Debbie (what a team!)
Trust no one missed. Phill

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