Sail Chat: 12 & 13.05.2018

In the absence of your regular correspondent who is AWOL in the Ionian, this is the deputy blogger with a report of proceedings over the last weekend….

Saturday developed into a very wet, windless and miserable day but, not to be put off, 5 boats set sail for Sunbury. John/Sue and Kevin/Maddie in Geeps, Hwyel/Sophie and Stuart/Claude in Merlins and Ben/Ian in an Ent were the brave participants. Some of us were too wimpish to venture out but, I am reliably informed that the two Merlins made it to a finish line some way short of Sunbury. All made it by power if not sail and eventually received a warm welcome and tea at Cooper Castle and that, after all, is the most important thing.

The evening saw a great turnout for Sonja and Alan’s famous annual quiz with excellent fish and chip supper thanks to Ali, Maddie, Ellen and all. Anyone under 20 was eagerly sought after as team members who might stand a chance of knowing a few TV programmes or pop songs but age and experience triumphed as usual.

Sunday morning was our 2nd Open Day and about 12 potential newbies were welcomed with 3 families signing up for a trial membership. We look forward to seeing them back very soon. We know what a good place HSC is to spend a Sunday and it’s nice to be able to share it.

The morning handicap saw Simon/Claude and Trevor/Visitor? take to the race course with others cruising around and having fun. The sun shone but it was a lightish and very flukey north westerly (or was it south easterlie?) and a strong current.

The club became alive with the sound of small people in the afternoon which was wonderful and swelled the numbers out on the water. The Merlin fleet was made up of Simon/Claude, Andrew and Ellie with Grandpa Hywel ably assisted by the fearless and acrobatic Evan who tottered and elegantly somersaulted his way round the boat without falling overboard. The GP fleet was Kevin/Maddie, Trevor/Alison and Derek/Mary. Enterprising were Sophie/Jane, Ian/Sue (welcome to the fleet – how’s your head?!), Colin (if you think you can do better…)/Amelia, Stuart/Larysa, Richard/Luke and James and Andy/Amy & Elsa followed by Daniel/Sebastian had great fun in the ‘new’ and beautifully decorated ‘Snowman’. Oh – and there was a solo Solo.

Sammy went cruising afterwards with Amy, Elsa and Phil. Reports of a water fight with cousin Andy have yet to be substantiated. Charlie had a sit in a Merlin on dry land.

The Smartie monitor failed (sorry Keefy) but a wonderful tea was provided by Sue and Rosie. It was wonderful to see them again along with Steve and Graham who set the courses and ran the racing along with Nicky and Jo in the Timekeeper’s box.

Our thoughts are with our President, Peter Heath who is in hospital.

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