Sail Chat: 12.11.2017

Sunday 12th November was our first real taste of winter with a strong, blustery north westerly blowing and some nasty gusts forecast. It was sunny though and if fully kitted not too freezy except perhaps the feet!

Once again with this direction of wind it blew hard off Bell Hill but not so much opposite the club and up-stream. Merlins fielded John with Livvy, Richard with brother, Stuart with Sophie and very briefly James with Ben. The latter filled up from a gust and both returned quickly to the club to crew in the Geeps.

Enterprises out were Ian and Brian, Ellen with Nigel and me with Ra. The wind above the club encouraged hugging the Surrey bank and was deceitful for it could suddenly veer or back and could catch you out with the over-hanging trees. A really tight race ensued between Ian and Phill after Ellen had to retire with an injury to Nigel.

Competition was hot in the GP’s and that was for crews too! What it is to be in such demand Sue? Anyway, they went out with Kevin and Ben (now in a GP with better weight distribution) John now had James, George with Keith and Derek with Sue.

Only one Solo; other handicappers watched from a sunny balcony.

We also had a very welcome visit from our neighbours down stream, Jason and Anthony, in their Laser 2, Dad, Steve, also came later. We all hope they continue to join us so I know you will all make them welcome.

Everyone wore wet suits and buoyancy aids petrified by the warnings by the RNLI the day before about the sudden effect of hypothermia!

Don’t forget Enterprise AGM after sailing next Sunday – Agenda to follow.


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