Sail Chat: 12.05.2019

Big weekend for HSC 11th and 12th May! Saturday was our annual race up to Cooper Castle and high tea on the lawn. With a northerly this was not for the faint hearted. Seven accepted the challenge Stuart/Sophie, Andrew/(Graham in Maddie’s kit} in Merlins, Kevin/ Maddie, Stevie G/ Claude in GP’s, Ian/Sue, Duncan/ Annie, in Enterprises and Ben in a Comet ”for comfort”. All arrived and enjoyed the usual quality fare. One or two non sailors crept in too and Charlie was at a canine retreat!
In the evening at HSC was the quizz. Egg-heads or what! The Peerless team outdid Bamber Gasgoine in their questions and organisation. Also cracking fish and chips organised by Ali.
Sunday was rest brain day but sharpen social skills as there was another massive effort by the committee with an open day. It was attended by many families so there was considerable cruising, with sterling work by club sailors and administrators.
The Morning Race commenced with Simon and Claude, Merlin, Jane and Jane Nottage and me with Alexandra, Enterprise, George with a young visitor and others, Comet and John, Kevin and David in GP’s with various visitors. In a supporting role were Graham and Lucy in Bob’s old boat.
Our wind came, went and came again from the north east. Our experienced, veteran race team Steve (Royal Lym) and Graham  made the best of these conditions giving a short beat from the Surrey bank to the Middlesex bank (H to I then F or E)
The afternoon race had four Enterprises of Jane/Amelia, Alexandra/me, Ellen/Nigel and Amy/Elsa and a big crew. Tricky conditions with some frustrating lulls but lovely sudden breezes. Out for an hour and a half so testing stuff.
In the GP’s were Hywell/ Flynn, Tom/Austin and Arthur, Kevin and Maddie in Upsy Daisy and John with Ali.
John Bell took a visitor out in his Merlin and Andrew had Sue crewing.
Nasty collision off the church land as inexperienced young rowers in an 8, with an also inexperienced coach in attendance came together with Hywell, causing damage to both craft. 
For the last few weeks I have noticed that the young learning rowers have been poorly supervised, congregating at our marks and insisting on holding courses when other areas of open river are clear. it is of course also our responsibility to keep a good look out and keep clear. 
An excellent traditional Hampton tea, created by Sue (nice to see you Sue) and Rosie. 
Kevin made some announcements and then we all went out to save Garrick from sinking as it has a hole made by object unknown. 
A lot went on so apologies if something has been left out. Philip.

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