Sail Chat: 11.10.2020

Gloomy day with a NNW wind going mostly over the top and some stream. The race officer Simon, assisted by Claude, did his best with a course up river to D mark and an I off the Church Land. It was mainly a reach with a bit of a beat as one got lifted to D mark. It became a bit of a procession with all on the Surrey bank.
The Merlins were represented by Hywell and the friendly Flynn and Stuart with Nicki. The Enterprises had Dunan with Annie, Ian with Sophie and me with Jane. We started with the Handicap fleet represented by the Wayfarer with Emily and chocolate chomping Ava, George was in his Comet and David in Peters Comet. David was rooted to the start line, complaining later of the wide Sargasso weed on his foils. Lone GP out with Keith, doing his thing, and with Susan. Time was by Rob and Jo (again! Thanks both) and the Pop Up was by Stuart and Ian. Oh by the way the prices are up! It warmed up and the sun came out weakly for the customers, primarily male.
Regretfully Howard has informed me that he can no longer fit sailing in with his shifts and commitments and has given his Enterprise to the club and it has been agreed that our master Dinghy Broker Stuart Jenkins will dispose of it. Howard is one of those essential workers at the club who does not have the privilege of choice, like some of us, may he drive his bus safely and free of the filthy virus. No doubt we all wish him and Farida a safe passage. 
Next Week the Frostbite Series starts. Nigel has informed us of the start times are:
Merlins  11:30
Ents  11:45
Handicap  12:00
GP14s  12:25
Stay distant but close. Phill   

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