Sail Chat: 10.12.2017

Sunday 10th December was a grim affair weather wise. With 40 plus knots of wind forecast we were presented with leaden skies, sleet, then snow and a very light fluctuating wind which settled down to a 3/4 mph northerly. Keith, the race officer, set an up and down course which was shortened to allow for the conditions.

There was much merriment from the reduced numbers who had been able or hardy enough to make it, some were snowed in. Many layers were applied and out the few went.

Keith started us all together and the chilly players were Stuart and Claude (Merlin), Phill and Ra (Enterprise), The Commodore with Hywell senior (GP14), Hywell junior (Laser) and David (Solo). Only the handicap with a fleet but great that all our classes were represented. I think we did three laps but the RO was surprisingly merciful and it was about 40 minutes in mostly a fetch or beat with considerable wind chill. We came in to a snow storm.

Assisting Keith and sailors were Richard Comber, Michaela and the helpful identical twins. In the box was Sarah calling the shots, in the galley, serving very welcome hot fare there was Karen and Maddie and on the bar was birthday boy Mack – we suitably sang to him! Happy Birthday Mack! The Hon. Sailing Secretary presented Stuart Wright with the Enterprise, second series 2017, Mackay Cup to acclaim!

See you next week when it is discordant singing by all but a few. Who will the Kings be? Or should it be Queens now?


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