Sail Chat: 10.11.2019

Super, sunny day for a welcome change with considerable stream and a light north easterly. Fortunately enough east in it to stem the gush.

After a respectful silence, to acknowledge the dead and injured of two world wars, our sailors took to the water. In the Enterprises, first out, were Jane and Sophie, Christopher and Michaela, Ian and Amelia and Duncan with Annie. With a low up-river mark to starboard and a mark off the Church Land, down river to port, the stream was generally the arbiter of who was where. The Ents had a very close contest, with at one stage, Ian being pushed into the trees and taking to the water to recover as an eight pushed through. However he recovered and took his revenge.

In the Geeps were Keef with Elise in ears and James with John. Keith was educated as to various mythical creatures, which may do him good!

Good Handicap show with Brian and Roger in Lasers and veteran GP sailor George in a Comet.

The Merlins fielded Old Man River with Richard (sometime Ent fleet member), Stu., (UAMOTEA) with Nicky, Ellen and Nigel and Rob with Sue. Rob fell out of the boat as he knew how good the sausages were.

Good show by the Commodore and Hywell (the younger) as race team and time by Susan and Claude. The caterers were not bad but Annie was a magic clearer upper. And I will name and shame Keith and Alan for proffering £20 notes. Plastic cards next I suppose! Oh well that’s progress!

Kevin made an announcement but birthday boy had fled.


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