Sail Chat: 10.06.2017 (Pirates Fun Day)

HSC was Pirates Day and many of these villains came to the party, both large and very small. Cannon balls filled with dubious looking water were discharged, planks were walked, privateers paddled and many arghs were uttered. (My unofficial Depp).

Gallery now available.

Awards go to (cannon roll) an unrecognisable, long oily haired ruffian in a cocked hat and flowing black garb, who turned out to be the friendly, short haired Phil Dalby, to the refreshingly gamine, Keira Knightly look alike, Suzannah and to the staggeringly innovative, very hot crocodile (Tim) and his colourful, tropical parrot (Lucy).
Terrific effort by Ian and his team to bring off a truly anarchic display of fun. Great, sophisticated BBQ by George and Keith. Yes there was some sailing but it was a very strong SSW wind which even made some crew in the Mirror mutiny.

Sunday brought the same strong winds but slightly more to the SW. Only the Sailing Secretary (Solo), Keith (GP) and probably fairly briefly new member Shivini and me with my beloved and dutiful crew, Jane! Marginal conditions for me but we all got round except Keith who had a dip. Two visitors, Jon & Danni, came and sailed ‘Prime Pitch’ and although big boat sailors they stayed upright – they will make good members.

In the afternoon the wind stayed up, backed a bit and got even more gusty. Out went Alex with heavyweight crew Tim, Andrew with Nicola, Richard with new member Toby​and the Commodore with his outstanding crew (his words – wow!) Deirdre, all in Merlins. Only two came back unbroken.

​Enterprises braving the squalls were Ellen and new member Emma, Ben and daughter Jessica and me with Ra. Ellen had a dip at the gybe mark, Ra and I agreed retirement was better than swimming and Ben’s crew decided likewise.

Ideal for Geeps of course but no sign of heavy weather expert crew Mary! John sped away with Claude leaving Derek/George,Trevor/Sue and Keith with Stevie G to fight out the lesser places. Oh and Keith dipped again! It was suggested later that he buy a wet suit but his horror was matched by the fair sex not wanting to see him in one.

David and Nigel fought it out in Solos and the heavy weather suited the better developed core.

Apologies to those troupers of the GP class I left out last week – shocking!


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