Sail Chat: 09.07.2017

Soft gentle breeze from the south with temperatures of 27c at HSC on Sunday. Rather a sparse audience and even sparser attendance on the river with only Simon and Claude out in the Merlin in the morning.

In the afternoon more came to sail with Ben helming Hywell against Rob and Jo both in Merlins. In the first it was a case of little and large.

Out in the Enterprises were Sophie and Jane, Ian with Suzie, Richard and Eva and Stuart with Toby.

The more mature GP fleet fielded George and Chris, Malcy and Alan and Keith with Stevie G.

Race Officers Roger and Trevor set a straight up and downer for the Merlins and a E, I, H (Middlesex) H (Surrey). The wind did not play ball as it now had a bit more west in it.

The Master and le essouflement one watched from the balcony admiring the spinnaker runs of Ben, the roll tacks of Ian and Susie, the balance and wind read of Sophie, the determination of Stuart and the gritty win of the Treasurer after a few bumper boats.

Licky tea from Jane and probably HSC was one of the coolest places to be in Surrey.

If you haven’t read the blogs of Tim Fells from Salcombe Merlin week they come highly recommended. Congratulations to all from HSC who took part because that is what counts and whats more we all know the winning crew Fran who richly deserves the result.

See you next week when I hope to be sailing again.


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