Sail Chat: 08.07.2018

Hot sunny day on Sunday 8th July with a fickle north, north easterly and temperatures of up to 30c. The conditions not ideal for the duty team of Trevor and Roger, as the usual applied for this wind, a bit off Bell Hill but decreasing up river.

In the morning handicap were Simon and Claude Merlin, David and Andrew Comet, Maureen with Sue GP, Duncan with Annie and me with Jane in Enterprises. Simon/Claude ghosted through the difficult bits at E mark as we all stalled. There were some nice puffs though.

In the afternoon we were joined by, in the GP’s Derek with Mary, George with Andrew and Maureen with Sue. Once again Derek and Mary were hot!

No Merlins as it is Salcombe week. In the handicap fleet Ben battled it out in the Comet with David in his Solo and Brian in his Laser. Ben capsized but he promised it wasn’t to cool off but a genuine gust.

In the Enterprises were Sophie with Jane, Ian and Claude and me with Jake and Harmon, (visitors) both aged about 8, I think?

The wind improved in the afternoon and there were some hot gusts (note Ben) and then sudden lulls. Very hot with sun cream in the eyes but great fun. The boys loved it even though they got barked at! Nice short race in the Ents. because one of the caterers was out sailing.

Lovely tea, in fact superb and magnificent, by Susan and Jane, even better cake left! Extraordinary patience by the duty team and timekeepers Alison and Jane Nottage (good to see you back Jane). Oh and we were joined by two bored sailors for tea!

Then the Rear Commodore, Michaela, made a short speech, congratulating Trevor and Alison on their 40th wedding anniversary and thanking all on duty. We then sipped Proseco gifted by the happy pair. What’s not to like about HSC.

See you next week and good luck to our Merlin sailors.


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