Sail Chat: 08.06.2019 and 09.06.2019

Pirates day on Saturday was a thrill packed event with a stonking south westerly blowing the skull and crossbones out taught on the flagstaffs. Loaded with children Toppers were towed nearly out of sight by four fearsome looking cut throats who then let them go along with treasure and sharks. Amazingly not a shadow of fear amongst them such was the influence of the Buccaneers.
Thence the exceedingly competitive Chicken, Fox and Corn race won by Tom and girls due to superior navigation and paddling. Terrific effort by Andy, Tom P, Duncan and Phil. The plank was walked by many with star turns by Flynn (many), Tom a forward flip, the Commodore an elegant swallow jump and broken by a bouncing 15 stoner! This was followed by a delicious BBQ by George and Keith.
Sunday brought a rather light wind that flicked about a bit. It also brought a considerable number of new members with children and guests. Sailors wondered if we could accommodate them all but Kevin took Sam and Callum, (GP) Col took Charlie OTI, Ellen, Elise, Jane, Poppy and Amber, me another Elise and Connie (a natural), Duncan took Annie (Ents), Claude Toppered and Peter Skingley showed us the way round. The other GP was taken out by new members. We were watched over by JB and Peter OTI. Members are flooding in we just need more helms to take them out or hopefully for them to buy boats.
In the afternoon our Ent fleet was rather depleted by efforts in the morning. But out went Sophie with Jane, Ian with Susie and Alexandra with me. 
Good showing from the GP’s George with Chris, John with Sue, Keith with Susan and Elise, Kevin with Maddie and Richard Page with James.
The Merlins had Hywell/Evan, Andrew/Ellie, Phil/Sammy, Nigel/Ellen and Charlie with Claude. Just one Handicap ( I think) a cold Roger in his Laser.
Well into the racing the clouds darkened, the rain chucked it down and a very considerable squall came in claiming two Merlins. But Sammy was not disturbed he rode the hull of the Merlin while Dad got wet and later enjoyed his first Merlin adventure. Not so lucky, Andrew is much more sharing with his crew, Ellie, as both enjoyed the dip. Others survived but it was a testing period which the young helms did well to cope with.
After a tasty tea by Deirdre and Jane P, the Commodore made some witty comments and we sang happy birthday to Jo Heath. Experienced time by Marilyn and Anna. There are some good pics sent out to some by Stuart Wright.
** Wow, terrible oversight, must be the thought of sailing in the rain for two days! In the Handicap Fleet were the Aviator in Peters Comet aaaaaand Amelia in George’s Comet, her maiden solo voyage, completed with aplomb – just before the squall!!! Apologies.
Round the Island next week on Saturday.  Philip 

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