Sail Chat: 07.07.2019

Sunday 7th July brought a light wind from the east, intermittent sunshine and eventually a warm day. Given the exodus to Salcombe there was a reasonable turn out in the morning handicap. Peter in his Comet, revelling in the light conditions, Simon and Claude in the Merlin, with a good showing of their attractive spinnaker, George with Elise 10 (new member) in his Comet, Colin with Poppy 15? (new member), Jane with Connie 15 (new member) and Duncan with Annie all in Enterprises. 
Our publicity officer was also seen out improving her core (not that it is needed) board paddling!
Roger and Alan set a long I to E course which suited the conditions and the spinnaker but especially the Master. No incidents and a well run race ending for most at 1300 ish. 
In the afternoon things were a bit thinner as the Hampton Vintage Car Show took its toll. The wind had now veered to the SSE which made a real beat difficult. Simon and Claude were out again joined by Jane with Elise who is very determined, the jolly pair of Graham and Lucy in a GP and James Cass driving Dad in the Enterprise with some interesting ‘courses made good’. Contentment in the G and L camp their first win.
Time was by Sonja and Jane Nottage and very briefly by this scribbler who was soon found to be surplus as his knowledge of this art is slim but must improve. Also apologies to Alison Wood-Hewett who did not get a credit last Sunday. Alan flagged and joked as he did in the Bar later. Tea, which produced a few more of our own vets, was by my Jane and a desultory effort by moi. The cakes, of course, were divine as they always are. No announcements but Keith entertained with tall tails of Bees and Renault CV’s.
If you are not in Salcombe you can get the very efficient results on the Yacht Club website. All our entrants are beating the Olympian so far! Go Go 3589!
See some of you next week. Philip 

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