Sail Chat: 07.04.2019

Lion last week, Lamb this! 3mph from the north east was the weather dealt on Sunday 7th April. Charles and Peter OTI, the duty team, set a short course suitable for the rather dreary conditions and had the club well set up with nice clean pontoons. Takers in the morning were Stuart and Graham in a Merlin, Jane with Sophie, Ian with Susie and me (solo) Enterprise and Ben and Brian Lasers. The Merlin lapped all and the solo Ent retired.

In the afternoon in the Enterprises were Jane with Amelia, Timmy piloting the Aviator in Tirpitz and me with Graham. Two Merlins out in a close duel, Stuart with son Olly and Hywell with Andrew. Keith with Susan continues to represent the GP fleet and Brian the Lasers. Most of the east had gone from the wind by now, bringing it more from the north and along with the stream, at times, it was slow going but we all got round.

Tea was extremely good provided by the youthful team of Annie and Livvy. In the box keeping time was Ali with Ra.

The Commodore reminded us of the upcoming open day, Elvin had a bit of a shout until fed and then in the words of Alice we all went home. Sorry if I missed anybody like last week.

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