Sail Chat: 06.11.2022

After much rain early on the conditions improved in time for racing but still with a lot of south in the south westerly, also there was a reasonable breeze of about 9 mph. This meant the start was imperative as the windward mark could nearly always be approached on one port tack. The leeward mark at I was tricky when the wind died and bounced. We are now starting to get quite a bit of stream which made mark rounding a subject of concentration. Race team of Roger and Claude were in charge and in the box was Ali with Deirdre.
 Just Ian with a welcome return of Sophie and me with Paul in the Enterprises, our race, whilst close at times, was decided by mark infringements from both. Just one GP, John with Hannah and in the Handicap David Solo, George with visitor Daniel Comet and James Peel Comet. Two Merlins John with daughter Livvy and her sister Lizzie with Phil Dalby.
Sausages by Keith and Susan with a fair amount of sauce and Bar Ian. 
We really could do with some more out sailing. Come on you lot it’s better for you than laying in, watching TV and taking the dog for a walk! 

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