Sail Chat: 06.09.2020

Sunday 6th September brought a sunny day with high clouds and a breeze from the west which lived and died in equal measures. Lively youthful duty team of Trevor, James, Alison and Sophie, the latter two on time. Sensible course with a beat up river and a run, reach down with lower marks in the wind. The best wind tended to be on the Surrey half on the beats.
Only one Merlin, some of our fleet were doing a tideway, Hywell and Flynn shared the helm and Flynn did a fine job of it, soon a force to be reckoned with.
Three Enterprises with Jane and Honey, Ian with Suzie and me with Ali (thanks Ali) The Honey team seemed to blend well and won, there may have been a weight factor, just saying! 
Good show by the Handicap fleet with the Master showing how it’s done and Claude in Comets, Laser Man Go Ben, David and Nigel in their Solo’s. The master was levered out of his boat by the muscular James.
Two GP’s out with George and Ellen and Derek with Mary. George/Ellen led the whole race, often by some distance but were pipped on the line by the wiley, smiling tactician Mary. Apparently no one took up Keith’s attractive offer? We miss you.
Pop Up Bar in operation outside and nice day, topped up by a 20/20 win against the Aussies.
Next Week our Open. Phill

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