Sail Chat: 06.05.2017

Super sailing Saturday on the 6th May.  Good turn out of boats for the Sunbury Rally with a nice addition of youth with Ben sailing with Stuart in his new Merlin, Lucy P with Hywel (Merlin), Suzannah with Sophie P, Sophie with Dad Ian, Ben and Claude, Duncan and Annie, Richard with James and Eva (returning with Luke) and me with Jane, all in Enterprises.The lone wolf GP was sailed by Keith with Susan crewing.
A silhouette with core and elegant  shorts (borrowed) was said to have made the journey on some kind of plank too.
Gentlemen and Ladies sailing nearly all the way with the wind behind us. Short beat at the start and at the end and a nasty fickle bit near that beautiful weeping willow, up river of Aquarius, as the racing flag on top went round and round.
Cooper Castle, our destination, welcomed us with a knot of supporters and that welcome bell. A magnificent tea followed with every kind of goody and even beer (the silhouette again). Every one enjoyed the fare even Charlie.
Via the Commodore we all thanked Nigel and Ellen for their generous hospitality and then we all returned for the Quiz. Sonja officiated, with her little helper, and presented some mind cudgelling questions, with fish and chips half way. The winners won by a whisker and were presented with mega chocolate eggs.
There weren’t many witnesses to the Sunday morning handicap race as most of us were resting our brains and our stomachs following the excellent quiz and supper the previous night.  Thanks to everyone for organising and running such an enjoyable event.

Rumour has it that there was a good tussle between the Master and the Honourable Cycling Secretary in which experience triumphed over rig tension by approximately 10 seconds per lap.

Excellent race management by Brian and Kevin (or was it Maddie or was it Charles or was it Sadie?) and timekeeping by Claude and Alison.

More competitors were ready to go in the afternoon despite the challenging northerly wind.  A quartet from each class (Keith/Peter, Trevor/Sue, Derek/Mary, George/Chris in GPs, Sophie/Jane, Ben/Dad, Stuart/Larysa, Colin/Amelia in Ents, John Heath/Lucy, Hywel\Sophie, Rob/Jo, Andrew/Andrew in Merlins) and a solo Solo.  Actually the racing was pretty good despite the direction.  Andrew got a bit grumpy with his crew and Mr & Mrs Goodwin proved that it’s not only paddle boarding that can give you a dunking.  Great to see the Peerless juniors giving everyone else a decent bit of competition.

Playing away were Philip/Ra at Minima and John/Olivia at Ranelagh – all flying the Hampton flag and encouraging visitors to attend our Open Meetings later in the year.

A lovely tea from Judith and Maddie followed by good cheer and a lovely evening at the bar as the sun came out eventually.

Next Saturday is Push the Boat Out (Please come and help meet and greet) followed by the Round the Island Race and Supper.  See you there.

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