Sail Chat: 05.12.2021

Gloomy old day with a chilly north, north westerly, 12 to 15 mph in patches. As an added bonus the occasional shower kept the sailors uncomfortable. Not a bad turn out given the weather though. The GP’s fielded John with Sue and Keith with Susan, in the Merlins was John Bell with Ian along with Hywell and Nicola. Lively race by these two as John held off Hywell in spite of kissing the Surrey bank with spinnaker flying, must have been the crew? 
Thriller in the Handicap fleet as two Solo’s David and Nigel, one Comet and Laser. Ben Go fought throughout for line honours. In the words of my informant….” David (Solo) led both Brian (Comet) and boy wonder (Laser) for four laps and during a soft patch upwind both of them snuck past David. He then reeled in Ben but could not take Brian who had the advantage of a jib, in the last leg from H mark to the line and the finish. There was plenty of wind in that direction, the trick was to make ground and height in that direction”. Slightly edited, but the finish must have been sweeter for Brian as he dutifully did his turns earlier in the race after hitting the H mark. It should be mentioned the Laser performed its regulation, weekly capsize and the helm pronounced the water cold!
Lone Enterprise out as Chris and Ra represented our fleet, sailing an immaculate race to win.
Duty Team, vastly experienced Tim Harridge and Stuart Jenkins. Time by Tim Lester and Dorothy. Sausages by Kevin and Annie and Christmas decorations team led by the Commodore. Then followed the Children’s Christmas Party where a grizzled Father Christmas held court. Lots of great pics on the whats ap.
The Watcher on the Shore.  

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