Sail Chat: 05.08.2018

According to an authoritative literary review recently ‘A long hot Summer creates tension, erotic charge and moments of possibility – all the rules change!’ I cannot say that I have seen any evidence of this at HSC!

Anyway the big Hot continues and with it the light and fickle winds too, on occasion, blow. On Sunday 5th it was a sort of easterly with some south and some cyclonic in it. Duncan and Graham set a short F to I course which was the best they could do.

In the morning handicap we welcomed improver helms Lucy P with Stuart and Andrew with the Sailing Sec. in the anonymous club GP’s. Other more improved helms were Maureen with Sue (GP) and Alexandra with me (Ent) and in the super improved class the Master (Comet). Rather tardy starts from the two supervised GP’s but I put that down to superior instruction techniques. This gave Ra a storming ‘Go’ and in spite of a severe challenge from the Master she was never headed. Well done our young women sailors and Andrew. Simon was out cruising in his Merlin with a friend and politely kept clear of the racers.

In the afternoon we were joined by James with Lucy P, Stu with Nicki and – was it really! John Heath with goddaughter Sophie, in Merlins. Stu asked me to mention that he won! In the GP’s were Derek and Mary, John with Ali and the redoubtable team Maureen and Sue.

In the Enterprises we had Jane with Graham, a very welcome return of the native, Ben with Jane N and me with Ra. The Handicap fleet had Keith, who tried to move the clubhouse, sailing alone and Roger Laser -ing.

Mark F became an E and the windward mark remained an I and sometime it joined to became a Mary/Derek mark.

Sumptuous tea by Debbie and Rosie, meticulous timing by Peter and Susan and rule observance by John S.
EAFRO 2. Graham found a novel way to leave the club – he swam home phone, wallet, shoes the lot.

For those not there we miss you don’t miss out on all this terrific weather. It is cooler on the river.


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