Sail Chat: 05.08.2017

Sparkly south westerly about 10mph but with gusts on Sunday 6th August. Race Officer’s Duncan and David set sensible windward leeward courses up river near to Platts Island and down  river to  Garricks Ait.
In the morning handicap were Simon and Claude in the Merlin, Chris with Jane and Ra with me in Enterprises, David in his Solo, Brian in Fencepost and the Master in his Comet. In spite of a poor start Chris worked his way up through the fleet and was only beaten by a second on handicap by the Merlin.
In the afternoon Simon’s Merlin was sort of joined intermittently by Charles and Annie.
Good show by the Enterprises- Chris with Brian, Aviator and Amelia, me and Ra, Ben and Shivini, Ellen with Jane and Richard with Eva. After a good start the fleet captain was overhauled to windward by a determined Chris, with his eye on the prize, and then the Flyer. Good wind and a great race. Eva enjoyed her first capsize at Hampton but emerged undeterred from a boat full of water.
The GP’s enjoyed a frisky race with Derek and Mary, John with Peter and George with Chris.
In the handicap fleet were Nigel and David in Solo’s and Roger in his winning Laser.
I probably do not need to tell you but there is an increasing weed problem so watch your foils.
Graham did the bar, Rosie and Debbie the excellent tea, Ali and Peter kept time and we were all mystified by the missing beer mat?
See you next week.

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