Sail Chat: 05.05.2019

Firstly an apology for getting the GP results totally wrong last week- grovel! Chilly and light northerly on Sunday, making the Surrey bank the place to be. Conditional course set by Roger and Ian which allowed a short beat across the river off Bell Hill. Two Enterprises out Jane with a welcome return of Jane Nottage and me with Claude. Ben was out in his Laser and David in his Solo. Interesting little wind that required much adjustment to the sailing and course made good.
In the afternoon due to the good offices of the Race Officer the Ents., were allowed to start last as Chelsea Football had held up valued sailors who were hospital visiting. In the GP’s were Derek and Mary, John with Sue and Keith with Susan.


 In the handicap fleet Ben and David had a close battle. Ben overcame the wily Solo sailor though, exploiting the light shifty conditions.

No Merlin shows.
In the Enterprises were Christopher/Brian, Sophie/Jane and Alexandra/me. Enterprise Snowman was also seen out with all the family Dalby therein. I am not certain but I think one of the fair sex (ie not Andy) was helming? Oh no I have mentioned the ‘S’ word !Sophie held of Chris for much of the race but Chris got through during a bit of a boat huddle. One boat was rather attracted to a willow tree, due to conditions mentioned above, but emerged unscathed although the crew got slightly distressed.
Time was by Alison and Margaret, lovely tea by Rosie and Susie, cakes by Sophie. Glam barmaid Hillary who played the various machines like the pianist she is. No Flags so Brian officiated and made brief announcements.
We all wish Michaela a rapid recovery and a prompt return to us.

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