Sail Chat: 04.12.2016

Just like last week Sunday gave us a scintillating easterly with a few interesting gusts and bright sunshine but with a need for winter warmers.

Ellen came out with Richard helming, Jane and an injured Sophie, me with Ra and Ian with Claude in Enterprises. The Race Officer, a well known authority on motor cars, set a suitable windward to leeward course down then up river on an exciting run.

The Geeps had Derek and Mary, Kevin with Maddie, George and Chris and John with Timmy. Ben took Hywell out in the Merlin along with Richard and Bro and John was with Deidre. The Handicap class was represented by David and Nigel (Solos) and two Lasers Roger and Brian.

After racing came the usual chatter, LP, sausages, birthday chants for two Jane’s and the Children’s Party when a large anarchic animal with some strange habits was seen to frighten or amuse the next generation of HSC. That not being Father C! Oh and the Premiers selected a new leader.

See you next week for sailing, singing (sort of) but hopefully no swimming.


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