Sail Chat: 04.08.2019

Ride London day so numbers down a bit but congratulations to those that made the effort to come from southern climes. Lovely warm south easterly that veered and backed with the trees and buildings assisting on the Surrey shore. Duncan and Tim made a good fist of the course I to D and Claude cleared loads of bird muck from the pontoons-nice one! 
Whilst our cyclist thundered round the Surrey Hills we took to the morning handicap with a good showing of Sophie/Amber, Jane/Sawyer, Ian/Suzie and me with Claude in Enterprises. David was out in his Solo, James and Tracy in a GP and on their new Topper were Elise, Bea and Ines. Predominantly a reaching wind with nice strength off the Club and, at times, a little tack, tack at I and D.
In the afternoon our fleet suffered due to the morning showing and various other comings and goings. Good turn out by the GP’s with George/Chris, Keith/Susan, Trevor/Alison and James with Fiona, the latter had a dip as it was such a nice warm day and the centre board wouldn’t stay down. John had Tracy but had a little sortie into the moorings so joined the handicap fleet. This was a motley crew of David Solo, Roger Laser, John/ Tracy GP, me with Jane Enterprise and the lovely cranberry pink Topper with Elise and Bea. Stonking start by Topper but then a bit of sail about and lee shoring. Well done to Rob and Jo for their win with the Merlins..
Time was by vets Ali and Debs, tea by Annie and Claude and bar by a nominated official. In the absence of all our officers George as senior Afterguard led a happy birthday chorus but I cannot remember who it was for – sorry. 

Nigel coming through one handed !!!

Apparently our ‘Vice Rear’ had the best time in the cycle race of our team and his pace past us confirms his performance; positively a ‘G’ Force!  Well done to Colin, Amelia, Andrew, Nigel and John Bell for a sterling effort in the Ride London.

Forecast windy next weekend so be there or be square.

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