Sail Chat: 03.05.2022 (Jubilee Race & Tea)

Sparkling, warm and frisky breeze welcomed our ‘Jubilee’ sailing race, BBQ and special afternoon tea day. From the east it was a treat of a wind. We had a full and mixed bag of boats for the morning handicap fleet. Simon borrowed the infamous Laser ‘Fencepost’ and showed how quick it could be, John and Sue came out in a GP as did Derek and Mary, David was in his Solo, Brian, kindly lent me his Comet and I had 9 year old visitor, Victoria as crew, James was in his Comet with another young visitor and ‘Sunshine’ the Mirror was out with Paul, Llew and Thor, also ‘Seaweed’ was seen out with Elise. In the Merlin class just Hywell out with Paul’s Dutch Moeder, flying the spinnaker too. Scintillating sailing with perfect tee shirt conditions. Just a few words of praise for my crew Victoria who had never sailed before, fearless, quick to learn and respond and a joy to sail with. Unfortunately not available as a regular crew as she lives in the Medway Valley.
The race management was average as the Race Officer had difficulty seeing due to his strange head apparel and his deputy went out sailing – disgraceful!  Impeccable time  by Trevor and Alison.
After a really succulent burger by Mack and Michaela the afternoon racing commenced with two Enterprises out Ian with Sophie flying a very large Union Flag and Richard with Selena, who after one lap retired, without hitting anything, to a much needed Prosecco.
The GP’s had a right royal turn out with George and Chris revelling in the, at times , windy conditions, Derek and Mary who had a gybing incident and collision and decided to retire, John and Sue, Trevor with Angela and Peter OTI with Susan, who after an initial wobble or two got it together to conquer the course.
In the Handicap class there was Brian with the Commodore (in a long, glamourous gingham dress and no change) in a Comet, James solo in his Comet, David in his Solo, Paul and for one lap Llew, then solo and Simon in Fencepost again. Seaweed was out again with Elise, Victoria and another young visitor clinging to the mast along with another Topper sailed by a relation of Elise and another. Both played follow my leader in quite strong winds with barely a splash, great to see. Time keeping by Margaret and Hillary.
Then the traditional tea, which is surely representative of our once glorious empire, al fresco with table cloths(wind challenged), crust less sandwiches, home made cakes of many varieties, trifle and a superb Jubilee cake baked by Chris-oh and a shot of prosecco. The Commodore made a short speech of thanks to all helpers and proposed a loyal toast. Wonderful tea, only one slight disappointment Sparrow had most of the egg sandwiches.
As the Commodore said it was very much a joint effort but special thanks go to the Social Secretary Alison Hollands, Social Secretary. Caterers Fiona, Jane and Chris and the muscle of clearer uppers.
Not at the Pirates day – But Richard has provided a full report alongside photographs of the day. I have to note that Sparrow appears to have feared breaking the plank again this year even without the presence of the substantial efforts of Kevin and Nigel.

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