Sail Chat: 03.04.2022

Much of the duty team had been reduced by the wicked ‘C’ and so we wish them a hasty recovery. Whatever John Heath attended and Brian generously volunteered as his deputy. Both timekeepers were stricken but Ra and Sophie Penwarden kindly stood in, lowering the average age of attendees considerably. The wind was mostly from the north, it played about a bit, was light with the best off Bell Hill. John set an E, H (Sry) I course which worked well. There were only three takers David Solo, Brian Comet (allowed to sail for volunteering) and me with Jane Enterprise. Close run thing with the Surrey bank the arbiter. The Ent. won by only 3 seconds, what a staggeringly good handicap system!
In the afternoon we were joined by Ian and Paul in the Ent. fleet.  Altogether in the Handicap start was GP John and Ali, Merlin Andrew and Ellie, Mango Laser Ben and the Hon Sailing Secretary. Exciting contest between Mango and David but I think he was worn out from his morning endeavours and rig tweaking, so he retired. The other two had line honours. The Handicap start preparation got between  Ian and Paul at H mark, reducing their considerable lead and whilst they got very close they never recovered.
Very nice home made tea by Susie standing in for Claude and a short rendering of happy birthdays led by Ian. Sophie Peerless is somewhere off Crete on a yacht so ‘safe passage’ to her. Unfortunately our tame bird of prey has become wound up and short of a very brave rescuer (our Timekeepers declined) there it will stay. It certainly keeps the other feathered defecators away.

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