Sail Chat: 02.12.2018

At 11am the river Thames looked benign, contradicting the forecast of gusts
from the skirts of Diana of 30 knots. We had the brothers Heath in charge so
what could possibly go wrong? At 11.30 off went the GP’s skipping about as
only they can with their super stability. In their mix were; John and Claude,
George with Graham, Derek and Lucy, and Keith with long suffering Sue. A
close race ensued for some of the laps but Derek was missing his ace heavy
weather crew. Keith formed a considerable affinity with the Middlesex bank on
finishing, but Sue was stoic.

Out went the Merlins five in all Alleluia! Can this be the influence of their
steely new Fleet Captain? Competing were; Philip with Deirdre, Livy with Dad,
Ellen and Nigel, Hywell with the mighty Flynn and Stuart in gleaming ‘new’
boat with Nicola. This ‘gleaming new’ obviously did not perform and fell
behind to retire.

When Brian took to the water in Fencepost the wind picked up and some in
the Enterprise fleet were seen scrabbling to reduce sail, much to the delight of
the Flyer. Brian went on to storm to victory giving the footballer a challenge for
next week in the Comet.

As the Enterprises started the wind dropped, as did the spirits of the reefed
Enterprises, but by the second lap it really picked up again and spirits leapt. Out
were; Colin and Sarah, Jane and Sophie, Ian with Andrew and me with Ra. An
exciting and close race followed with Ian performing a recovered broach and
the Flyer snapping his kicker.

Great course D or E to J with a lively run on one tack all the way down river,
dazzling sun off Bell Hill on the beat and lovely sailing all round.

Time by Debs and Ali, lunch by Amelia and Col. Maddie celebrated three
birthdays and announced the Children’s Christmas Party for next Sunday.
The GP’s permanent table groaned with wine and the Enterprises had their
AGM and I was honoured to be re-elected.

See you next week? Philip

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