Sail Chat: 02.08.2020

Sparkling south westerly with sunshine yesterday. Interesting high cloud formations and extra cats paws on the river as they went over the sun. The Jenkins family officiated (John and Sarah included) in all offices giving us a fault free race D to I.
A covey of three Comets went out first with David/ Honey, Colin and Amelia all in generously lent boats, philanthropic lot the Comet owners. Good to see the forever multi-active Goodwins back, looking very svelte. Non corporate life suits the figure Col but perhaps not the figures! Nigel fresh from the mountains and lakes was also out in his Solo, also reduced. 
Next were the Merlin class with ever present Simon and Claude and Andrew with Ellie, who was so delighted to be back she re-baptised herself. 
Just two Enterprises with Ellen and Sue and Jane with me. At one stage in our race, going down wind, the clouds cleared, the sun came out and the wind died for about 4 minutes but the last run was a thrill. More Ents next week please?
Then a flurry of GP’s, who had the best of the wind as it stayed more consistent. George/Chris, John/Ali, Trevor/Alison, Derek/Mary and Keith alone and staying dry this week. George and Chris won again on handicap.
Another lovely day sailing with responsible behavior all round and in the open air. Just a note of caution – attending the club on a hot day especially in the afternoon is not recommended. Our club is taken over by a large crowd of particularly nasty youths and girls whose behavior borders on violent and could easily become so, I know I have experienced it as have others.
Unfortunately it is best just to keep clear as law and order, as far as HSC is concerned, has broken down.
Best wishes to our members in Salcombe, France or on the high seas.   

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