Sail Chat: 02.06.2019

Busy weekend again at HSC 1st and 2nd June. Much hard work by some members during the training weekend of new recruits on Saturday in light southerly winds and 24c.

On Sunday a glorious, strong 15 mph SSW wind which was warm too. RYA coaching again along with club racing with some giving up their race to assist the full time volunteers. In the morning just two boats out in the sublime conditions, Simon with Claude in the Merlin and Christopher with Brian in the Enterprise. Ideal windward leeward course set by race officers Richard and Duncan, giving exciting downwind runs, the Enterprise had it on handicap.

In the afternoon we had a few more takers with a slight wind increase and interesting gusts. In the Enterprises Christopher and Brian were joined by Jane with Sophie, Ian with a bold Susie and me with Alexandra. Very close competition followed with challenging but enjoyable conditions. No one capsized and I would like to thank Duncan and Annie for lending me their boat. As instructed by a member of our fleet we finished in the hour!

One GP out, Keith with visitors. In the new tradition of entry Keith introduced them to the waters so they will be bound to sign up! No Merlins out.

Two Solo’s, David and Nigel, had a very close tussle with the same time crossing the line. Ben was also in the Handicap fleet on his Laser revelling in the conditions. Only two dips recorded which is excellent given the wind strength.

The glam barmaid was keeping time this time with Maureen, Duncan was ace on the bar and Lucy Penwarden with Ellie provided a magnificent tea – eat your heart out Fortnum’s!

My source informs me that the Vice and Partner had a bit of a aquatic cabaret at the end of the day, no doubt induced by fatigue. Just hope the phone was not a casualty Nigel?

In might be controversial to write but it isn’t advantageous for the club to have a minority working their sailing boots off attempting to get new members when some of our regulars are indulging in so many other non sailing extractions. So come on folks it really is still great here.

Next Saturday Pirates Day and BBQ. Should be fun bring your parrot, hook and eye patch.


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