News 2018 Season

The Allen Trophy

Conratulations to John & Deidre in winning the Allen Trophy at Upper Thames SC. Stuart and Nicola Scadden coming 3rd overall counting a 1st in the 3rd race. Very testing sailing. Well done.




Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Veteren Week-end: 

This was the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships Veterans weekend which HSC support each year by providing the Club marquee and the green tables and chairs.
The marquee is erected on the Friday afternoon at the Thames Motor Yacht Club by Hampton Court Bridge .It is used over the weekend by the veterans, carers and boat crews. On the Sunday morning it is used for the Memorial Service.
Volunteers from HSC are taking it down this morning at 11am.
The weekend event is also supported by the Royal Navy with ratings from HMS Collingwood who erect the marquee on the Friday and generally support the veterans over the weekend. Ben as a Sea Cadet joined their group for the Sunset ceremony, crewed Tom Tit on both Saturday and Sunday’s cruises and supported the veterans.
HSC has two Dunkirk Little Ships Elvin and Tom Tit.

Salcombe Town Regatta: 13-17 August 2018

Congratulations to Hywel Bowen-Perkins Snr (crewed by John Heath) for winning the Salcombe Town Regatta Week. See article in Yachts and Yachting.





Desborough Dominate in Mid Thames Inter Club Contest: May 5th 2018

After three attempts to hold this at Hampton due to adverse weather and stream, the Mid Thames carousel between Hampton, Desborough , Aquarius and Staines Sailing Clubs took place on the 5th May in glorious sunshine and a decent (for a river) amount of Easterly wind.  Unfortunately Staines had to withdraw so it was a three way contest.  But we got a demonstation of the super fast Aero 9 helmed by Gareth Griffith (Island Barn SC) in a guest appearance, winning three straight races on the water. Clearly no PY number adjustment required there then!        

Hampton put out a double handed team consisting of two Merlins, three Enterprises, plus a Solo for good measure. Four boats to count.  Aquarius SC and Desborough SC had a different strategy evidently, because they fielded nothing but single handers. Aquarius had three Lasers and a Lark sailed singly.  Desborough SC had two Lasers, two Solos and a British Moth. 

How did that mix of boats fare?  Hampton’s Stuart Jenkins in his Merlin 3560 was first boat (from a team club) in race one, from Kerin Power (DSC) in his      Solo 4950 , Chris Abell (DSC) in his Laser 160919 third, followed by Paul Stapleton (DSC) in his Laser 144607 fourth.  The pattern of the afternoon was similar as single handers continued to scoop the low numbers.  Desborough dominated throughout with great single handed sailing.  Paul Stapleton, with a fourth, second and a first in the club races, went on to win the individual prize and the single hander prize.  The single hander prize was an innovation from Hampton rather than a precedent but in the event it was unnecessary given that there were 11 single handers out of sixteen boats.  Desborough team mates Kerin Power (Solo), Chris Abell (Laser), Bob Steer (Solo 3781) and Richard Broughton (British Moth 798)   took the Mid Thames Inter Club Trophy in emphatic style winning with 63 points against Hampton’s 83.

 Aquarius SC also had a single hander strategy.  Mike Baker was first in his club in his Laser 144389, vying with fellow sailor Pat Halling in his Laser number 4 for club honours. It was great to see Mark Thompson’s Lark 2188 on the water as it seemed to cruise effortlessly against a light stream.  We had hoped to see the classic boats from Aquarius like the Bosun or the SigneT.  Maybe we’ll see them again next year. 

From Hampton there were two cadets worth a mention each of whom won a glass tumbler.  Ben Peerless crewed his dad Ian in his Enterprise 22559 and his sister Sophie did the same for Jane Chambers in her Enterprise 23162.   Phil Chambers in Enterprise 23218 evened the score with John Bell in his Merlin 560 (no mean feat) but alas at the point where the tie was broken, Philip missed out. He won the individual prize in rough weather at Desborough last time out, but just missed the cut for the best four boat counted for the result.   

Lastly I would like to thank Gareth Griffith of Island Barn who unequivocally demonstrated that if you sail a 4m boat with a 8.9sqm sail that weighs less than an Optimist at 30 kg, you stand a good chance of doing well on a river in light airs.  In the event he and his Aero 2148 took three bullets which probably proves something or other in hydrodynamics. (‘Bullets’ metaphorically, of course, although there was talk……)  

D Gettings  HSC

    Mid Trophy 5/5/18 ~ 4 Boats To Count
HSC 560 13 8 5  
HSC 3560 2 10 4  
HSC 4420 12 4 7  
HSC 23162 6 6 6  
HSC   33 28 22 83
AQSC 4 9 16 15  
AQSC 2188 16 15 14  
AQSC 35434 15 13 13  
AQSC 144389 10 12 16  
AQSC   50 40 58 148
DSC 798 7 11 8  
DSC 4950 3 2 10  
DSC 44607 5 3 2  
DSC 160919 4 5 3  
DSC   19 21 23 63
IBSC 2148 1 1 1 3


Enterprise Open Meeting at London Coriathian Sailing Club

Sport England Grant

As you will all know, Hampton Sailing Club made an application last year to Sport England for a grant.  I am pleased to be able to now confirm that Hampton Sailing Club has been allocated a grant of £10,000 from Sport England to assist us in becoming an RYA Training Centre. The grant is specifically for the purchase of new training boats.

At its meeting on 4th January 2018, the Management Committee voted to accept this grant and proceed with setting up the protocols, procedures and requirements to establish Hampton Sailing Club as an RYA Training Centre. The Management Committee has set up a sub-committee to ensure we deliver all the requirements of both Sport England and the RYA, whilst protecting the ethos and normal activities of our sailing club.

The sub-committee comprises of:

Commodore                    Kevin Anderson

Vice Commodore            Nigel Cooper

Rear Commodore           Michaela Parker

Treasure                         George Bell

HSC RYA Training School Principal      John Bell

HSC RYA Senior Training Instructor      Stuart Jenkins

The Management Committee would like to thank John and Deirdre Bell for all their hard work in pursuing Sport England and setting up this opportunity. HSC were already active in delivering many of the requirements needed for the establishment of the Training Centre, with Stuart Jenkins already committed to the RYA Senior Instructor Training Course which is an essential element for the establishment of the Centre. The grant means that we have the opportunity of offering formal training from our Club by mid May 2018.

There are still many items to finalise and the Management Committee will keep you informed of progress.

 What a great start to 2018 season!

See you at the working parties. Next working Party 21/01/18



Commodore – HSC