Fantasy Virtual Racing

Dear all,

After much deliberation, your race committee has now settled the racing rules for HSC Virtual Racing. Thank you to George for the inspiration and development of the idea and rules.

Attached are the SIs for our virtual series. We will discuss in Sailing Committee appropriate prizes for the series winners.

Please note all club members are free to take part not just those registered as owning dinghies in the racing fleets at HSC. Helms and crews may pair up in the ordinary way but pairings will be for the series (no weekly changes). Alternatively anyone  who is not racing in one of the other fleets, can choose to race a single-hander in HSC’s new Phantom fleet.

By 4.30pm on Friday, please can I have (by e-mail to George and I):

1.      The names for helm and crew pairings for those who would like to sail together;

2.      The names of anyone who would like to sail a Phantom;

3.      If you have dinghies registered in more than one fleet at HSC, which dinghy you wish to sail for this first series.

The next draw will be on Sunday and we will also draw results for the two Sundays past of the first series.

Hope this will provide some fun for the coming weeks.

Fair winds and safe passage all.