Catering Duty Instrcutions


As caterer and assistant caterer your duty is to:

* buy, prepare and sell the sandwiches and cakes (during points series) and lunch (during Frostbites) * Clear and wash up * Record in catering book and hand catering profit to Michaela Parker

Sandwiches and cakes during Points series

If you’ve made the sandwiches beforehand, aim to arrive at the club by 2.30pm to allow sufficient time to serve the Timekeepers and Duty Officers their tea at 3pm. Timekeepers tea should be taken up to the Timekeepers Box. The main tea is served after sailing ends usually between 4pm and 4.30pm. The Tea consists of sandwiches, cakes and a cup of tea or coffee. Ellen will contact you in advance of the duty to let you know how many sandwiches and cakes and how much milk to bring.

Typically, the caterers make 3 or 4 loaves of sandwiches with fillings at their discretion however, tuna mayonnaise and egg mayonnaise have proved the most popular fillings so ideally make at least a loaf of each of these. A home-made cake is always a bonus but there is no requirement to make one. A variety of good quality shop bought cakes are just fine.

Sausages etc during Frost Bite series

Lunch is usually served around 1 pm. It usually consists of sausages, sausage rolls, bread and cheese. Typically, you need to allow for about 40 sausages but Ellen will contact you in advance of the duty to let you know how many sausages etc and milk to bring.

Sausages can be cooked at the club or at home (and then warmed up at the club) at your choice.

Shaun the Butcher in Station Road in Hampton does lovely sausages and gives a discounted price if you say it’s for Hampton Sailing Club.

Take fridge temperature – record in folder (in kitchen drawer) and sign.

Hot Water for making hot drinks (tea coffee soup) comes from the urn. The urn comes on automatically when the Club electricity is switched on by the Duty Officer.

Dishwasher – the machine needs to be turned on at the start of the duty (unless the bar officer has already done so) as it takes about an hour to heat the filled water. Detergent will be added automatically. Laminated instructions are in the kitchen and Derek, Richard C and any of the flag officers and their partners are happy to help you become familiar.

Provisions – The Club provides standard provisions of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sugar, packet soup, butter, condiments and paper napkins. Please let Ellen know if our stock of any of these look like they’re running out so she can replenish them.

Food Preparation – Use coloured boards for preparing different foods as advised by the Health & Safety notice displayed. Sharp knives to be kept on window ledge out of harm’s way, when not in use. Use small crockery plates to serve. Cakes, sandwiches and plates should be laid out on the counter for members to help themselves.

Pricing – Display the price list (kept in the draw by the sink). All items are priced at 80p each. For the Duty Team, a ‘goodwill’ lunch to the value of 3 items is allowed (over & above to be paid for). The Duty Team comprises: Duty Officer and Assistants, Bar Officer, Timekeepers Catering Team.

Left Overs – If you do not sell all the food, offer it later on at a discounted price to maximise profit and minimise waste. Do not leave food that is likely to become out of date before the next duty either inside or outside the fridge. Take it home, sell it to other club members or throw it away. If you want to leave long life items in the fridge such as unopened packets of cheese or cake, please inform Ellen so she can let the person doing the next duty know it’s there.

Clearing up – Make sure the kitchen is left clean and clear of all washing up. Please give all the tables a wipe.

Used T Towels – If you are able to launder and return the T towels it would be greatly appreciated (if you are, please also take the towels in both changing rooms). Otherwise please give them to any of the flag officers and their partners .

Bins/Rubbish – remove black bin bag and put at front of the counter. Put a new black bag in plastic bin. The Duty Officer is responsible for putting rubbish in white Council bin bags and placing at the top of the alley way for collection. The white bags are purchased from the Council and are very expensive so should be used efficiently i.e. black bags from catering, bar and the 2 bins in front of the counter should be put in as few white bags as possible.

Catering Book – at the end of the duty, make a record in the Catering Book (kept in the drawer in the kitchen). There is a top copy and a duplicate. The top page is self-carbonated so put the cardboard under the two pages used. Enter:

1 – Date

2 – No of boats

3 – Takings

4 – Costs

5 – Profit

6 – The names of the catering team

7 – Amount of each of the items (bread, slices of cake, milk, sausages etc.) sold

Money: Take out your costs and put the cash profit as well top copy of the catering book in a small plastic bag (e.g. sandwich bag) and give to Michaela Parker. If Michaela isn’t at the Club, then either of the flag officers or their partners. Advise Ellen of any standard items that are running low.

Dishwasher: If the bar has finished serving and all the glasses have been cleaned turn the dishwasher off (if the bar is still serving please leave for the bar team to turn off) – please follow instructions on the laminated sheet on the dishwasher. When the dishwasher has been drained out, please take the mesh basket out, carefully, and give it a good scrub with a washing-up brush under running water. Once clean please return the mesh basket to its housing in the dishwasher.

Thank you very much for doing your Duty and help making HSC such a unique and special place!