Boat Register

W.W.G.P 14′ Class (Code Flag A)
Name Sail No. Owner
Escargot 10566 A. Henderson
Red Rampage 10737 M. Anderson
Frolic 12315 J.Shankster
Cloud Nine 12485 P.Haslem
Shooting Star 13027 J Miller
In the Red 13065 K. McArthur
Kinda Magic 13172 R. Parslow
Takitimu 13485 D.May
Had2Bee 13683 R Comber
Upsy Daisy 13755 C.F. Bell
Gemini 13926 T. Phillips
Legacy 14001 M.S. O’Connor
Fair Dinkum 14006 M Dance & S Morley
Kraken 14035 J & A Hollands
Fleet Captain: M Dance
Class Measurers: K McArthur
National Merlin Rocket Class (Code Flag O)
Name Sail No. Owner
Grand Teton 1201 J. Bell
Hic 1220 J & R.Heath
Restless IV 1222 R. Page
Katy-Lou 1493 A Jackson
Splatter 1631 S.Girven
Ella 1695 R.Heath
Onions 1761 P. Dalby
Kratatoa 2018 H. Bowen Perkins Snr
BusyB 2056 K. Anderson
Celer 2373 C. Anderson
September Girl 2529 B Sharp
Elusive 3347 H Bowen Perkins Snr
Desiree 3354 N Cooper
Heaven Sent 3511 A. Mills
Luca 3560 S. Jenkins
General Lee 3690 T. Harridge
Fleet Captain: J Warren
Class Measurer: R.Heath
Laser Class (Code Flag W)
Name Sail No. Owner
Greengage 5903 B. Heath
Dangi 63998 T. d’Angibau
Fence Post 85414 B. Tweedie Smith
Leveche 90697 R Allum & SC Jenkins
I Don’t Know 91527 D. Bell
Galdhopiggen 133293 R. Ward
Fleet Captain: R Ward
Enterprise Class (Code Flag E)
Name Sail No. Owner
Sky Racer 15685 S.Jenkins
Cadenza Too 17075 B.Tweedie Smith
Starship Too 17317 S.Jenkins
Red Lichtie 17394 G. Ferguson
Johnny be Good 20924 S & J Rolfe
Esperer 22559 I. Peerless
22526 R Cass
22754 B Sharp
Prime Pitch 22812 C. Goodwin
Isadora 23147 C. Parker
Dame Blanche 23160 E. Cooper
Egalite 23162 J. Chambers
Clea 23218 P. Chambers
Elixier 23229 D & A Macpherson
Hampton Swan 23350 S.Wright
Fleet Captain: P Chambers
Handicap Class (Code Flag 1)
Name Sail No. Owner
Petena IV 209 P.C. Skingley
Electric Blue 25365 J. Tweedie-Smith
Hope 40393 Hampton Sailing Club
Bim Bom 27838 B.Peerless
Tic Tac 4753 G & C Bell
Materialistic 3913 N. Cooper
Plan B 3989 S.Goulter
Wumpy 2 4420 D.Getting
Other Boats
Name Sail No. Class/Type Owner
Maggie 760 Merlin Rocket H Bowen Perkins Snr
Ilgatino 1746 Merlin Rocket S.Jenkins
Avalanche 3341 Merlin Rocket S. Harridge
Tenacious 3456 Merlin Rocket M. Evans
Fat Bottom Girl 3589 Merlin Rocket J. Hollands
Harry 3599 Merlin Rocket N Cooper
Liquid Dreams 3647 Merlin Rocket H.Bowen Perkins Snr
Time and Tide 3652 Merlin Rocket J.Bell
Too Dark’n Stormy 3697 Merlin Rocket R. Page
Monkey Puzzle 3706 Merlin Rocket K. Anderson
Aurora 197 Comet Zero M. Parker
Topsy 16486 Topper T Parker
Oleata of Hampton Freeman 32 G & C Bell
Abracadabra 9813 A35 Archambault R. Perkins
Bali Hai IV Broom 30 C & H Jenkins
Dutch Barge B. Heath
Dutch Barge C Anderson
Missbehavin 34071 Topper A Cooper
J Fever GBR1290 J120 T. Lester
Tiger II 120479 Laser R. Newman
Miss Hardy Hardy Commodore MS & MA O’Connor
Betsy Nauticat 33 B. Alsop
Cloud Nine Pajot Venicia Catamaran J & D Bell
Tamar Swallow GBR 6088T Victoria 38 P & V Lewis
Tom Tit ADLS Motor Yacht T. & A. Phillips
Elvin ADLS Motor Yacht H. Bowen Perkins Snr
Merlin 260 Comet Versa G. Bell
Sea Thrift 93 Salcombe Yawl K. Anderson
Sea Pigeon 96 Salcombe Yawl S. & N. Goulter
Sandpiper 98 Salcombe Yawl H. Bowen Perkins Snr
Rooster 145 Salcombe Yawl J. Bell
Missbehavin 34071 Topper A Cooper
Blue Flame 453 Scorpion J. Shankster
Eleanor Skiff T. Lester
Summer Song Skiff J. Bell
Len Williams Thames Cutter Len Williams Syndicate
Wings Nimbus 365 Motor Yacht R & J Garlick
Gi Gi Dutch Motor Launch N & E Cooper-de-Groote
Shenanigan 15321 Jeanneau B.Tweedie-Smith
N’Dengie 41338 Mirror J.Shankster
Katerina Oughtred Puffin P Norrey